When you have to shutter down your office or shop, you cannot only rely only on the glass doors or shop fronts. To ensure full safety, you need to cover your premises with metal sheet shutter so that your belongings could remain out of reach of the thieves and unauthorized access. For that purpose, pinhole shutters are the best option. These shutters are designed in a way so that the inside belongings could remain visible to the visitors but no mishappening could get occur.

Here, we, the Sky Shopfitters are known as the best pinhole shutter makers in London. We use high grade metal shutter and perforate the sheet according to your demand and the size of your premises. There are many types of shutter patterns we design, as you have to tell us about your requirements according to your place and business. For example, for enhanced security pinhole shutter are quite in demand.

We design single and three phase pinhole shutters for your parking area, shops, offices and other institutions where safety is the primary concern. These shutters are perforated in a way so that one after another hole could take place with very tiny difference. The transparency of your glass shop fronts also be there as you can easily see through these pinhole shutter that what is displayed across the shutter.

To enhance safety, we use industry standard sheet metal to design pin hole shutters and color them by using PU enamels and color so that they could bear the UK weather easily. For further information regarding design and prices, you can give us a missed call, our expert will approach you immediately. Our prices are quite less as compared to the other pinhole shutter designer in London. We do not compromise with the quality of our products and services.

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